Apricot Boy

Very recently, I had the opportunity to hike the Camino de Santiago.  for those unaware, this is a centuries old pilgrimage trail, or network of trails with a common end point, Santiago de Compostela, at the Cathedral of St. James. People walk very short versions of this trail, and extremely long variants. People hike it […]

Head and Heart

What spectacular snaring of the moment. Perfect imprints of frames, of sounds, of scents, and the incalculable recordings by our cells that we fail to consciously aggregate. How permanent the entrapment of time. Perfect preservation in cells, that which enters our eyes, ears and mind, by ways which we fully, have yet to understand. So […]

Do not discuss

Vows of silence were confusing. Why would someone willingly choose to remove one of their primary means of communication? After much consideration, the sacrifice makes sense. By removing the ability to talk about all the things that could have been done,  what one can accomplish , or what one will do;  those that take a vow […]