When you look at your house, or apartment, or other form of dwelling, a yurt maybe, what do you see? We adorn our beams and eaves with skins of chemical and design, to mask the naked support that our augmented forest provide.  And with these supplements we create uniqueness, character, and differentiation.  Casually we accent our […]


I am fond of origin and meaning behind people, places, and words that I encounter.  Until very recently my understanding of this word, trinity, pertained exclusively to the dictionary definitions. Trinity is defined as a spiritual union, biblically, including Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.  Trinity also means a group of three or a state of […]


Is a hole in ground, yeah I know, but I couldn’t resist. It turns out that upon this journey I’ve discovered a thus far buried penchant for the sea.  In the process of penning the brewsing eulogy I discovered that one the tangy pixellated sea air sampled by my fingertips, the sterile atmosphere of that desolate island more left […]

Scratch N’ Test

Many years ago the scratch series had its genesis at Troegs brewing company. The series, by disclaimer, is purportedly a way to test out new and experimental hops and brewing techniques. I have noticed, however, a fairly obvious trend with this series. Before the regular offering Perpetual IPA launched, a large number of ipa styles […]