The Garden of Glass

What is the best way to describe one’s soul? If soul isn’t the correct word, than perhaps essence, aura, or spirit are more appropriate?  Maybe the right word is consciousness?  Regardless of the choice of nomenclature, this discussion involves that intangible element that makes human beings sweepingly unique, and which also allows us to be differentiated from […]


Fat has become such an ugly word. But from a physiological standpoint, is fat such a horrible thing? Pertaining to our current dietary system, fats can be a confusing nutritional element.  Some schools of thought advocate complete elimination of fats and almost exclusively consume fat-free products.  Some are engrained in the opposite ideology, that which advocates […]


At some point, humility had value. Having a humble disposition typically meant courtesy, consideration, and respect for ones peers, elders, and fellow man.  Being humble meant listening first, and responding in a way that meant receipt, if not agreement, of the ideas.   Being humble meant saying please, thank you, sir, ma’am, excuse me, pardon, and good afternoon, good […]