Didn’t we once expect more of our fellow-man? Didn’t we once compulsively, and instinctively refer to a gentleman or lady as sir or ma’am or madam? Didn’t we once regard our elders in a respectful way? Wasn’t the norm, but a few years ago, to ask politely for, anything? Wasn’t it not long ago that we weren’t […]


Paris and Yvette woke one inauspicious morning.  The covers were crumpled, crushed, and smashed against the wall.  The distance between the two chasmic, despite the subtle lie of his hand upon her shoulder.  The imperceptible rift between them grew with each step as they arose.  Paris shuffled towards the bathroom, and Yvette the kitchen. The […]

FB Official

It’s interesting to look at our current, modern world, and test the things that people value, and the validation that is given between one person and another, especially relating to social media.  I’m referring specifically to the idea of making something “Facebook official.” Which seems to mostly address relationships, and will therefore be the focal point […]

Promise me, tomorrow will be….

Promises. Guarantees. Assurances. How many times have we committed to doing things, but not right now,  soon, of course, but at another time? How many times have we put our ironclad word on a direction for our lives, only to find that rubberclad or elasticclad are more accurate descriptors of our word? How many commitments have we […]


In wakefulness I’m with the living, their energy vivifying, giving strength, and toughness. In sleep I’m among the dead, they swallow my dread, giving peace, and forgetfulness. It is the space between, consciousness and dreams, that tortures this host. It’s this void in my chest, that robs me of rest, the haunting of nagging ghosts. It’s the hole in my mind, […]

Summer’s End

The hum and buzz of the whirring traffic begins to sound less like a hive, and more like a fan. The clinging, clanging, cacophony of amusement park rides, and games, softens to dull, quiet dings. The roar and clamor of the water-loving pool-goers mutes, and slips gently into the quickly cooling breeze. The booming and thundering waves continue […]


Picture with me, the game of Jenga.  Most know what this is, but i could also describe it as a wooden-block tower puzzle. The alternating, three block, by three block layers, form an integrated tower.   It is a perfectly smooth rectangular prism. It appears solid, despite its make up of smaller blocks.  And unless otherwise disturbed, it […]