More or less?

Can you do it?

Does the answer lie in your head, or are you seeking it from another?

If the question is being posed, then the answer needs to come from inside.

All of the books you could read, advice you could seek, and motivational speeches you could absorb, are no substitution for internal resolve.

Your friends may quiet the voice to quit, your family may stop the urge to submit, your coworkers may sway you away from abandonment.

But no one can force you forward, nor is anyone else responsible for your choice to fail.

You alone hold the power to persevere. You hold the strength for one more mile. You possess the resilience for another challenge. You own your decision to drive forward.

You have the ultimate responsibility, that of your own choices.

Facing the most challenging decisions, how you choose determines something more pivotal than you imagine; whether you want more out of your life, or less.

Humbly yours,




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