Oxygen, Hydrogen, Carbon, Calcium, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Sulfur, Potassium, Sodium, Chloride, Magnesium

Of all the dreams we dreams, hopes we depend on, and challenges met, we don’t reach peaks of capability, intellect, dexterity, nor physical prowess of the potential we have at birth. So do we waste our most precious of resources. Second by second do we choose against a mastery of our elements.      

Sell it

Tame, time, tome. Prose, price, poem. Wreck, wrack, wrong, Pierce, prose, prong. Trill, till, toll, Pale, pill, poll. Wilt, wag, won’t, Push, pig, pelt. Vaunt, vault, vent Purse, pell, pent. Crush, cull, cents, Pay, pen ance. Gibber-jabber Pitter-patter lack of common sense. Jobs and ties, debt, compromise, death of innocence.  

What is now?

When we glance over our shoulders we don’t check for friendly faces. We look backwards only to make sure we are moving in the right direction Chased only look back to ensure they evaded the pursuer. Rifling through memories is the equivalent of shaking hands with ghosts. Sharing the pictures only serves to conjure that […]