The Very Unhappy Sitting Device

During my teenage years and into my early twenties I listened to a fairly popular rock band. They were known for several hits including Rooster, Would, Man in the Box, and Down in a hole.

The band responsible, was Alice in Chains.

The band had a signature sound, featuring guitar riffs that were gritty, crunchy, and aggressive. The vocals were haunting and angst-ridden at the same time. The songwriting was desperate, gripping, and full of malcontent.

Those that remember this group, can certainly recall the intensity of their music, and the lasting impression that it made.

Most fans will remember another of their powerful songs, Angry Chair, which was about a childhood punishment, and was used as a metaphor for adult struggles related to feeling stuck or trapped.

Interestingly, in 2014, 22 years after the release of the song Angry Chair by Alice In Chains, a brewery opened up in Tampa called Angry Chair Brewing. Angry Chair brewing claims no inspiration or intended reference to the song or any other musical influence, but is know for rich, dark, flavorful imperial stouts, and black, heavy-metal inspired labels.

The brewery certainly makes other styles of beer, but I prefer the imperial stouts, as do many of their fans.

As Angry Chair Brewing does not widely distribute, it is always a pleasure when I’m able to source a bottle.  Tonight’s sampling is:

Stacked – This hybrid blend claims to be a Russian imperial stout aged 40 months in a cognac barrel, and a barleywine aged 42 months in bourbon barrels. There is very little carbonation in the pour, but it looks black as midnight. There is a subtle pineapple note on the nose, with cognac kissed roasty malts underneath. There is a slight mustiness to the smell with very little bourbon notable. Angry Chair is known for very viscous, chewy stouts, but this one is very thin. There are cognac and white grape notes in the flavor, but the body is most reminiscent of a slightly oxidized barleywine. Sweetness dominates the remnants of the flavor profile, with a slight nod to tawny ports. Overall, this liquoresque offering tastes good, but falls short in the beer category. I expected a little more carbonation, barrel flavor, and fullness in body, but, it’s not a bad offering. 6.5/10

Im certainly not angry about Stacked, nor am I planning on sitting and dwelling upon it. The fact that it is offered in a small portion, 187ml, makes it a nice half-glass beer, where I don’t have to concern myself trying to consume a full 750ml option, which is the standard for Angry Chair bottles.

The important question is, if the members of Alice In Chains, in their prominence, had access to Angry Chair Brewing, would they drink their beers?

My guess is yes, and they wouldn’t be upset in the least in doing so.

Humbly yours,