The scents of right and wrong

How does goodness smell? What odors does evil put off? Is it possible that there are actual positive smells when we encounter someone with integrity? Do our noses wriggle in disgust when a person whose character is tainted by lies and deceit walks by us? Do we automatically associate a church or courthouse with a […]

100 C’s to fuel your fire.

Content, comfortable, complacent, calm, casual, chill, collected, cool, careful, cab, caddy, cashier, cafe, caffeine, cake, calendar, cocoa, calcium, cookie, California, Cabernet, cellulite, Calvados, calorie, caviar, candy, canopy, crepe, cottage, cheese, capital, Capri, chardonnay, cappuccino, cannolli, captive, cymbalta, convention, control, copy, copulate, Calvin Klein, Chipotle, corn sugar, corporate, corporeal, currency, custard, cream, cotton candy, cotton, couch, […]