Eron’s Sculpture

Eron knew that there was something different about her. Not different in a strange, or bizarre way.  But different in the way that one feels upon encountering something previously unexperienced, though nonetheless, deeply stirring. This feeling of different, he could liken to many of his experiences.  This feeling was how he felt when he laid […]

Black Tuesday on a Friday

Am I correct in assuming that we have all heard of the term Black Friday? Every years millions of Americans “celebrate” this day of retail gluttony that follows the day of actual gluttony that is Thanksgiving  by swarming malls, big box retail business, colossal stand-alone department stores, and various purveyors of caffeinated beverages, with the […]

The Waste (VII)

Before Allamar brought his scaled, water-dwelling colossus to the village, the succession of chieftainship had been passed generationally, from father to son, for as long as any living member of the village could recall.   The passing of time had been so considerable since the last catch-to-chieftainship, that none of the villagers could specifically remember whose […]