Honky vs. Neato

It’s not an often occurrence that I discuss food.  The process of eating has never been one that I find a special event.  Eating has always been a matter of providing fuel to keep the machine functional and nourished.  Sure, I enjoy scallops with a bit of butter.  Yes I absolutely get an occasional craving […]


I sneezed tonight and my guitar reverberated with the notes.  Literally the strings rang when I sneezed. It was as if i had strummed very lightly on the strings and then abruptly muted them.  This seems a very odd occurrence. It also made me feel just a bit better about sneezing and having horrible allergies. […]

Perfect Day

Perchance it was the thawing impact of the sixty degree weather today that put me in such a fine mood.  It may have been the excellent workout in which I partook this morning.  It could be the lingering effects of the fine brews I enjoyed last night.  Whatever the explanation, today seemed like it was […]

Where’s the cocoa?

Not long ago I had the pleasure of finding a rare bottle of H.E.R.O  Chocolate Chipotle Stout from Duclaw Brewing Company.  I apparently stumbled on the winning result of a home-brew submission contest.  This was an entry bottled in limited fashion in 22oz bottles.  My palate-lust for spicy brews combined with my longstanding passion for rich […]

Anarchy in the IPA

All the rage are ipas in the craft beer community.  I am an extreme fan as well.  There is something delightful about this fresh tasting, bitter, and sometimes mildly sweet drink.  Where once the lager dominated in the beer scene, ipas have taken over. Who stands in line for the newest lager from Russian River? […]