Where’s the cocoa?

Not long ago I had the pleasure of finding a rare bottle of H.E.R.O  Chocolate Chipotle Stout from Duclaw Brewing Company.  I apparently stumbled on the winning result of a home-brew submission contest.  This was an entry bottled in limited fashion in 22oz bottles.  My palate-lust for spicy brews combined with my longstanding passion for rich […]

On Cinco de Marzo, Drinking Jurata….

I thought I would take a creative opportunity to review a new beer that I’m sampling tonight.  The title is a playful word substitution relating to the music provided by Vampire Weekend.  I offer my review of… Jurata – A collaborative effort from two highly reputable brewing companies, Cigar City and Coronado.  It pours a […]

There was someone I was supposed to be (before I got in the way)

Offering homage to the popularized Gotye song, I admittedly am just somebody that I used to know. How often to the imaginings of our prior selves clash incongruously with our current persona?  When asked in our youth what we yearned to be, none would have answered retail manager.  Business owner perhaps would be the answer, but […]