If ever there was a time to look into the raw essence of your being, now is that time.

I have reconfigured. I have readjusted. I’ve reformed, and reconstituted. I’ve changed, converted, reverted, to a prior, livelier more vivacious version, that I tried to abandon, by pursuing the enlightenment, entitlement, enrichment, and unrealistic expectations of modern man.   I’ve shaken hands with my predecessors, and reconnected to those who laid the ground upon which […]

Dark of the Forest

Those that know my hobbies and passions, may assume that this article relates to hiking. That wouldn’t be a big stretch, as I have written about the woods, forest, mountains, and nature, on occasion. Those who have read even more of my material, might think this article is about something fantastic, or a short story, […]

100 C’s to fuel your fire.

Content, comfortable, complacent, calm, casual, chill, collected, cool, careful, cab, caddy, cashier, cafe, caffeine, cake, calendar, cocoa, calcium, cookie, California, Cabernet, cellulite, Calvados, calorie, caviar, candy, canopy, crepe, cottage, cheese, capital, Capri, chardonnay, cappuccino, cannolli, captive, cymbalta, convention, control, copy, copulate, Calvin Klein, Chipotle, corn sugar, corporate, corporeal, currency, custard, cream, cotton candy, cotton, couch, […]

Hoppy Madness!

There are occasions, when an ipa challenge sounds like a great idea! Maybe I should revise that statement, and more emphatically declare my support. Any time sounds like a great time for an ipa challenge! There’s couldn’t be a situation you could think of, where having an ipa throw down, might not seem like a […]