Paris adjusted his position in the chair.  As chairs go, it was far from anything special. It was rigid, with no cushion or padding of which to speak. It was constructed of some unidentifiable wood, covered by a thin layer of a dark and slightly copper hued paint. The paint flaked off the chair at […]

The Unbent

Though the wind tears upon my face and rips through my clothing, and slices into my skin, Though the rain hammers my scalp, drenches my coverings, and chills me to the bone, Though the sun creates blisters upon my neck, and causes me to shed that which shields my flesh, Though the snow and ice […]


One step, one breath, one touch, one blink. One love, one sadness, one anger, one bliss. One summer, one fall, one spring, no thaw. Single vision, solo feel, one impression, one song. A direction, a choice, a journey, a life. One is what we are, what we believe. One is how we feel, how we […]