Earth & Flame

Back to the Brews(ing)! I’d like to offer a straight forward beer evaluation tonight, and review Earth and Flame by Victory Brewing company. I will freely admit, I sincerely balked at this one upon seeing the price tag.  I live approximately an hour away from this brewery, and typically that means the costs of bottles are […]

snow blind

Walking down a white hallway completely mixes up your perceptions. There is an expectation of linear congruity, and of depth, and of progression.  But without lines of darkness to contrast, it must all seem bright, blinding, and inescapable. It is really a hallway?  Does the direction you are going matter if you have no reference […]


Is there a cruise control setting on our emotions? Do we, in similar fashion to the behaviors exhibited in long driving scenarios, zone out, while engaging the cruise option, and float to our next outpost on lifes highways? Where might this leave us? Are we filling a latrine in a random rest stop, unaware of how […]

The Amazing and Wonderful World of Self Giving!

The mailbox is a long-standing edifice to a past, marginally related to the current, digitally focused world. Once this was the source of our correspondence. Pre-dating the telephone, the “pony express” would deliver communication to households and homesteads far and wide.  Husbands, wives, and children would eagerly anticipate words from those located great distances away. […]