Eron’s Sculpture

Eron knew that there was something different about her. Not different in a strange, or bizarre way.  But different in the way that one feels upon encountering something previously unexperienced, though nonetheless, deeply stirring. This feeling of different, he could liken to many of his experiences.  This feeling was how he felt when he laid […]

Eron’s Void

Eron sat, placidly, palms down, atop the rough pine, at the long, cheap, unfinished, wooden workbench. In some considerations, in a different setting, and under alternative light, the bench may have been a table.   But here, it was not. Eron tilted his head to the left, and glanced at the few dozen, closely-packed people, positioned […]

The Statue

Paris took a very regular route to and from the tower.  With little deviation he passed the vendors, and houses, and people, and carts, and barrels, and open windows to meals, and closed ones to arguments.  His daily travel to and from his source of income shifted and twisted very little.  A left here at […]