Sacrifice the discipline and routine, for the efficiency of routine For words of consent, momentary content, searching for what life could mean. Passing between, man and machine yearning to be serene. Ones will is spent indifferent squandered on the insignificant. Logic for vice, reason for nice. Drive for distraction, Force for supplication. Once proud, now […]

Sell it

Tame, time, tome. Prose, price, poem. Wreck, wrack, wrong, Pierce, prose, prong. Trill, till, toll, Pale, pill, poll. Wilt, wag, won’t, Push, pig, pelt. Vaunt, vault, vent Purse, pell, pent. Crush, cull, cents, Pay, pen ance. Gibber-jabber Pitter-patter lack of common sense. Jobs and ties, debt, compromise, death of innocence.