Pulling Down the Night

I sensed that you needed a gesture, a sign, an effort.  You needed a motion, a massive, magnanimous movement, that all the little ones couldn’t provide.  You needed a sweeping, soaring, sizable display, to make your heart swoon. It had to be considerate, calculable, and colossal in scope.  So I struggled, and strived, and stretched myself […]

The Overseer

There is a true deity that affects our all of our lives. The choice of an ultimate, spiritual leader is inconsequential after all.  The ongoing conflicts between acolytes of supreme spiritual devotees will never cease.  But, there is a conceptual, albeit massively impactful, one that rules everyone. It doesn’t care whether you are agnostic, atheist, […]


The tourniquet is an implement that is used to save lives. It is applied to the body near a catastrophic fissure that is causing the person to lose incredible amounts of blood.   Without the tourniquet, the person would experience exsanguination, and eventual death, resulting from excessive blood loss, as a consequence of their wound or […]

Trust, Depend, Follow.

If you are supposed to trust your gut, and rely on the thoughts in your head, then definitely, certainly, absolutely, do not follow your heart. It will lead you wildly astray from sense, logic, reason, and rationale.  The path it forges will enter the darkest, most dense, forest of confusion. It will lead you into emotional wilderness, blazing a dusty trail […]