Saved. For a better title later. Which I will never revisit.

Is less, in fact, more? I’ve always been of the impression that, the more descriptive, the most vivid and explanatory of adjectives used, an use of the most elongated sentences, would surely result in the most impactful communication.  But this may not always be the rule in writing, nor in communication. It may be in […]

Sunday morning coming down

Like a reanimated corpse I shuffled through my apartment. I forced my recoiling synapses into firing directions that dictated my limbs to stuff laundry into a basket and tossed the detergent on top.  The gym clothes were donned with abandon and my ambitions of cardio were feeling like a daunting proposition. Yet, driven by time […]

I see greatness in your future….

I love discovering new beers and new breweries.  There is certainly something magical about initial discovery and a fresh experience that stirs curiosities and heightens anticipation.  Some places, and brews, that I have experienced may have already been established, but my first visit to the scene, or the first taste of a beer from a […]

Tomorrow, when the sun comes up

The power inherent in words and communication is immeasurable. Wielding this simple, yet diversely functional tool of communication, we have at our disposal the ability to destroy. Alternatively, we have the building blocks of creation. We have the power to express all degrees of emotion, sadness, joy, melancholy, confusion, despair, frustration, fear, and anger. We have […]