Kettle bell treadmill Rice Krispie treats

There are a lots of ways to exercise.

Some people, really love to run. Others like to bike. And many, just like the simple act of walking.

Some people believe that power weight training is the best option to get their blood pumping. Some think that a hybrid CrossFit approach is best. Many, think that good fitness can be achieved through body weight exercises.

Some people prefer unique styles of exercise, like yoga, or swimming. Many people enjoy individual athletics like martial arts or kick boxing. Still others like team sports like basketball or volleyball.

There are those who like skill games like golf. There are others who like extreme sports like skydiving. And others consider fairly passive games like billiards or bowling to be athletic pursuits.

Some exercise by playing yard games. Others, hike long distance trails.

Some consider table tennis a work out, while others play tennis on a court for hours.

Regardless of what one chooses in order to work their muscles, most can agree that exercise involves motion.

For many people, the gym is a great way to put your body in motion. At the gym, one witnesses various forms of exercise, from the above mentioned running and weight lifting, to calisthenics, racquetball or even basketball.

Simply look around, and you can appreciate like minded, driven individuals doing their preferred method of taking care of themselves. And, since the observer is there to see the others, presumably they are also enjoying an activity.

What is truly interesting, is when you see someone choosing an athletic activity that makes you question its purpose.

The idea behind exercise, besides moving, is of course to progress or improve one’s physical prowess. The alternative is simply physical maintenance.

The truly bizarre observation, is one that makes the viewer think, “How can that be of any benefit at all?”

Sure any gym goer can relate. The inexperienced weight lifter who does whole body jerky tricep press-downs. The older gentleman laying on his. doing bizarre pelvic raise gyrations with a barbell on his stomach. Maybe it’s the lady on the stairmaster kicking each leg back like a donkey after every other step.

These can be chalked up to oddities, but at least passable as exercise.

It takes something truly special to be an athletic head scratcher.

Recenlty, I have witnessed an exercise that, if I only saw it once, I could have passed on as a funny curiosity. When witnessed more than that, I must come to conclusion that the act is habit.

I don’t claim to be an expert in kinesiology, a weight training expert, nor an athletic trainer. But I’m pretty sure I know a detrimental workout when I see one.

The six foot three, two hundred fifty pound, bushy bearded individual has, multiple times, stepped on a treadmill near me as I ran.  He rested a two and a half pound kettle bell in the cup holder, place a small, ratty bag on the opposite cup holder, then activates the treadmill. The device grinds up to a two mile per hour blistering pace, and the man grabs the weight, holding it in one hand at his side. Then, as he lazily strolls, he retrieves a blue wrappered treat from the bag and liberates the Rice Krispie treat from within. He continues his stroll, kettle bell in one hand, Rice Krispie treat in the other going back to his mouth one bite at a time. After about eight solid minutes, the routine is complete.

I’m fairly confident there’s no overall improvement made through this ritual, but who knows, I could be completely off!

Maybe this is the next great trend in athletic pursuits, or diet fad, something else altogether.

Maybe it’s training for the kettle bell Rice Krispie quarter mile?

Or maybe it’s just something absolutely ridiculous that I will never understand.

Humbly yours