Shalotol? Exalotol? Xylophone?

Some names present pronunciation challenges.  Some descriptions present tasting challenges.  Some beers present challenges with both.  Xolotl by Avery brewing company provides an opportunity regarding both of these concerns. Xolotl – Avery Brewing Company – I’m not sure how to say the name of this beer.  I have provided, in the title, what I feel are […]

Agnoso veteris vestigia flamea

I am relaxing, and contemplating of the meaning of these words.  Naturally, as I don’t speak, or am able to translate latin, I am reflecting on the modern english translation.  It is also my distinguished pleasure to be enjoying a fantastic beer named after the originator of this phrase. South County – Virgil – This beer looks thin, […]

Fresh IPA Challenge!!

It’s hot outside.  Really, really, sweltering hot.  What could be better than a nice, cool, crisp, hop-laden beverage to slake ones thirst? I can think of few things more satisfying, beer-wise, than a refreshing ipa on a hot day, or any day for that matter.  But if one is satisfying, several would be even better, right?  What […]