First time for this kind of review…….

Those that know me, in the “real” world, know that I love making mead.  I enjoy experimenting with all kinds of flavor combinations and will even attempt batches that can only truly be described as esoteric. I bottle every batch that I make, and doing so requires a frequent replenishment of supplies.  These supplies range […]

Immolation and Rejuvination

We fear its destruction.  We fear the rage.  We fear the inevitability of cataclysmic eruption.  We shy away, and keep our distance from the gurgling pinnacle.  As the burbling mouth spews blood-hued globules into the sky, we cower and shudder. We dare not venture close to the heat tinged aperture.  We won’t come close to […]

Rivers, Smiles, and Sun

At a certain point, we become aware that our lives have a certain trajectory.  Some believe that it has been preset since the day we are born.  We may choose to fight against it all we want, but that’s  wastefully pointless. It’s best to accept whatever course that you are on. Life is like a […]