Chosen Path

Without higher purpose or goals,

what is time but turmoil?

Without true passion and sacrifice,

what is love but exaggerated lust.

Without hard work and strife,

what value can one place on comfort?

Without ever feeling pangs of hunger,

how does one ever feel full?

We need to be without,

before we know the value of within.

We need pain,

before we appreciate true pleasures.

We must make true sacrifice,

before we can appreciate receipt.

We must absolutely suffer,

before we can appreciate being alive.

The comfort we crave, strive for,

and even believe we are entitled to,

comes not to us because we simply

believe we should have it.

The comfort we want, the success we

crave, the desires we yearn to fill,

come to us because we bleed for them,

we hurt for them, we earn them.


The path to peace, understanding, and comfort, can only come from choosing suffering.

Humbly Yours,



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