‘‘Twas a trillion to one Your parents would meet. and a billion to one, chance they’d conceive. A million to one in this timeline hundred thousand to one you’d actually survive. There was a thousand to one chance you’d excel and a hundred to one chance youd just do well. a ten to one chance […]

Edges and Pits

There is a place and time, for parties and wine. Moments for touch and caress, love, emotion and intimateness. For feelings of wonder. And for visions of splendor. For spots of jubilation, and blips of satisfaction. For fireworks in the sky, on the ground, fireflies. To have bliss in our hearts and peace in our […]

Severing Fruitless Branches

In every person, I’ve always found something. Something from which to learn, to help make me better. Better than I was before. More loving and understanding. Understanding of others, and myself. And more thoughtful. Thoughtful about how I acted, and of received treatment. Treatment of my heart, body, emotions, and my soul. A soul that […]


Didn’t we once expect more of our fellow-man? Didn’t we once compulsively, and instinctively refer to a gentleman or lady as sir or ma’am or madam? Didn’t we once regard our elders in a respectful way? Wasn’t the norm, but a few years ago, to ask politely for, anything? Wasn’t it not long ago that we weren’t […]