What you truly need…..

In all the ways that you neglected me,

she was there.

In all the ways you abandoned me,

she stood by my side.

In all the ways you chose not to understand me

she was considerate.

In all the ways you ignored my simple needs,

She satisfied.

When I needed to feel the universe,

She was there,

When I needed to bury underground,

She helped me dig.

When I needed to feel joy

She got me there.

When I was suffering,

She held, and warmed my hand.

The times when I replaced you,

She waited patiently.

The times I forgot what you meant to me

She whispered.

The times when I thought little of you,

She persisted.

The times I didn’t want to hear,

She spoke through birds.

She’s been my blanket.

My pillow.

My bed.

And my dream.

She’s been my sun,

my stars,

my planets,

and my universe.

She’s been my aches,

my pains,

my agony,

and source of relief.

Forever what I may turn to,

Always near.

Forever what resets me,

Always clear.

Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, in the world can give me what I have felt from her.

No dependability, no consistency, no passion, no love, no invigoration, and certainly, no honesty could substitute for what I feel when I give my self to her.

Touch warms the body.

Words affect the mind.

Emotions trigger the heart.

But music, it affects the soul.

Music is the constant,

and the neutralizer.

It makes you forget,

and remember.

It makes life worth while.

It is essential.

It means more,

than we ever, ever, give it credit for.

Humbly yours,



P.S. This post was inspired by a frustration with people and finding reassurance in music.  Everyone has something that is their safety valve, or a go to “thing” that helps them feel a little better.  I have neglected something, music, that made me feel “ok” with the world for a long time.  Reconnecting is a great source of liberation and catharsis.  What I am listening to while these feelings well up inside of me is this……..


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