Summer’s End

The hum and buzz of the whirring traffic begins to

sound less like a hive, and more like a fan.

The clinging, clanging, cacophony of amusement park

rides, and games, softens to dull, quiet dings.

The roar and clamor of the water-loving pool-goers

mutes, and slips gently into the quickly cooling breeze.

The booming and thundering waves continue

upon beaches, once full, then sparse, now vacant.


Academics bustle, prepping for school,

as parents sigh gently at august’s close.

The trysts tearfully come to an end,

and long free nights reduced to curfews.

The tourist attractions are slowly abandoned,

and vacationers retreat to their homes.

The night reaches back, and claws itself into day,

as the sun weakens its radiant assault on the earth.


Summer ends, giving way to glorious autumn,

brisk and blissful fall, season of changes.


Humbly yours,




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