Open Heart Shadow (XVI)

Tristan walked toward the open door with an energetic swagger.  He ignored the pitiful moans coming from the mangled figure behind him. He could feel a tingling rush of energy, power, and virility, surging through his body.  It had been a considerable time since he had this type of sensation.  He tried to recall when […]

Severing Fruitless Branches

In every person, I’ve always found something. Something from which to learn, to help make me better. Better than I was before. More loving and understanding. Understanding of others, and myself. And more thoughtful. Thoughtful about how I acted, and of received treatment. Treatment of my heart, body, emotions, and my soul. A soul that […]

I’m here for you! (As long as there’s drama)

Many years ago I stumbled upon a quirky, creative, and insightful movie.  This movie featured several scenes involving fairly prominent actors.  The short scenes totaled no more than several minutes each. Each scene highlighted a different theme ranging from humorous, to scientific, to melancholy, and even ironic. Each short had different actors.  In one, Bill Murray […]


Do you remember that intense excitement?  Do you recall the degree of anticipation?  Can you feel the intense desire for that highly sought after experience? Perhaps, when you were a young child, there was a planned trip to an amusement park.  You had the knowledge weeks in advance of the date of the trip.  As the […]

Whiskey, Disappointment, Death.

Everyday I look at the outcomes, Each day I’m scanning the scene. I’m longing and searching and wishing for some kind of meaning. Everyday I desire an outlook, Each day want the serene. I’m begging and pleading, and yearning for everything to not be obscene. Everyday I yearn for a vista, A place to see […]

Exchanging Courtesy

Catchy phrases occur in everyday conversation.  One would be hard pressed to navigate any day without hearing at least half a dozen colloquialisms. If you think you are typically immune to hearing these oft-repeated idioms, let me mention a few for you. “It is what it is.” “Easier said than done.” “Keep an eye on […]