Human Traffic

I knuckle the sleep-crusties from the corners of your eye.  It’s earlier than I planned, per quick consult of my alarm/phone.  Yet, my commitment to balance inhibits the compulsion towards lethargy.  My willpower lends a helpful support to raise me from your mattress.   At this point, habit and drive take over, and I ready myself […]

There was someone I was supposed to be (before I got in the way)

Offering homage to the popularized Gotye song, I admittedly am just somebody that I used to know. How often to the imaginings of our prior selves clash incongruously with our current persona?  When asked in our youth what we yearned to be, none would have answered retail manager.  Business owner perhaps would be the answer, but […]

Feel the Rainbow

In the act of maintenance, a short time ago, I read upon a screen a fine direction.  “Eat the Rainbow.”  This directive emanated from a help guru of the Dr. Oz variety via a low brain wave show resembling Rachael Ray.  The specific expert and precise show were so indiscernible from the repeated mass messages beamed into […]

Awakening the Chrysalis

As one floats through their daily grind/existence (whichever you prefer) there is a beckoning toward an outwardness of the soul.  If indeed the recognition of the soul is admissible. Most attribute this pull as a desire for release for the confines of the norm. Some feel that life as it exists is sufficient.  Apparently these […]