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Sometimes, between the haze of sleeplessness, and the release of drunkenness, one may find a halcyon sensation that is brought about by an immaculately constructed song. In a pre-dawn reverie, I stroke my thumb as I finger the keys.  I don’t recall the emergence of the lines of wisdom that have creased the epidermis.  Yet […]


It ended with a rain drenched $2 burger and add-on $1 hot dog. Before that we had decided to skip the encore of a decidedly uninspiring Ray Lamontagne concert.  We also abandoned the row-in-front-of-us, fifties-ish, newlyweds. Maybe they were new lovers, or some other completely new coupling, perpetually pawing and groping each other. This wasn’t […]

On being decent (or what I envision as decency)

I often wish I were a more complex man.  In wishing for such a burden it is only my yearning to see and feel things more deeply than I already feel.  Maybe it’s the sophistication that I wish I were able to attain.  Maybe it’s a suave, intellectual-type image that I envision for myself in […]

Human Traffic

I knuckle the sleep-crusties from the corners of your eye.  It’s earlier than I planned, per quick consult of my alarm/phone.  Yet, my commitment to balance inhibits the compulsion towards lethargy.  My willpower lends a helpful support to raise me from your mattress.   At this point, habit and drive take over, and I ready myself […]