Forward! With Ferocity and Fervor!

I went to the liquor store the other day. Some states apparently don’t have this establishment.  Unique to my fair state of Pennsylvania are the Wine and Spirits stores which sell, predictably, wine and spirits.  The hours are restrictive, and these products are only available through these state sanctioned outlets unlike, say, Maryland, where one […]

Black Waves

The mildly abrasive, warm, yellow sands stretch out to the limits of my vision, and tickle calloused feet as I squeeze and release chunks of sand between my, supposedly longer than normal, toes. I am tenuously holding between thumb, index finger, and middle of my right hand, a flimsy plastic trowel. A pail, no larger than a […]

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Sometimes, between the haze of sleeplessness, and the release of drunkenness, one may find a halcyon sensation that is brought about by an immaculately constructed song. In a pre-dawn reverie, I stroke my thumb as I finger the keys.  I don’t recall the emergence of the lines of wisdom that have creased the epidermis.  Yet […]


It ended with a rain drenched $2 burger and add-on $1 hot dog. Before that we had decided to skip the encore of a decidedly uninspiring Ray Lamontagne concert.  We also abandoned the row-in-front-of-us, fifties-ish, newlyweds. Maybe they were new lovers, or some other completely new coupling, perpetually pawing and groping each other. This wasn’t […]

On being decent (or what I envision as decency)

I often wish I were a more complex man.  In wishing for such a burden it is only my yearning to see and feel things more deeply than I already feel.  Maybe it’s the sophistication that I wish I were able to attain.  Maybe it’s a suave, intellectual-type image that I envision for myself in […]