Beyond Beauty

Thy beauty,

fickle doth it play

upon my youthful


Radiant doth

it burn

upon my tender


Passionately doth

it wrest my gaze

and redirect my



doth it create

smoldering sensations

in my loins.


Heat, be the feeling

on my skin.

Damp, then,

the beads on my brow.

Pulsating, be the

veins beneath my flesh.

Excitement, be, the

force behind my stride.

Though, the true source,

the driving question,

the impetus behind my curiosity,

that of ultimate urgency, be,

who is she,

beyond the beauty?

Humbly yours,


One thought on “Beyond Beauty

  1. Alas, there’s the prize. That mysterious inner life – with subtitles undetected by natural passions – is yet the source from which the fragrance of true beauty emanates.

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