Do you know what the great failure of humanity is, right now?

People believe that we can stay connected without in person, organic, dialogue.

We don’t really know who the other people are, when one can’t look another in the eye, and see the sincerity, or lie, in their expression.

We’ve relegated communication to text, to make interactions “simpler,” yet most computers can simulate a similar type of engagement.

Everything is an image, a line of text, or a fucking gif. Because, no one know how to speak to other human beings. Which, also, makes it all the easier to ignore people. Or, makes it easier to dismiss them when their comments, or texts, or gifs aren’t to one’s liking.

People need to be, actual people, in each others lives, not texters, not Facebook friends, not casual commenters, or tweet lovers, or Instagram followers, but real, true, organic, in person, friends.

We need to talk to each other, hear each other’s voice, and sense the warmth of another persons presence, to know that we are alive, and not simply freeload, or become digital secondhandents of a culture that has forgetten what it means to be human.

Humbly yours,


One thought on “Simulant

  1. Yes, to all you say here. However I also find a lot of people pick and choose the parts they wish to experience in real life. They throw their digital selfs up when the going gets tough.

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