Lonesome Highway Syndrome

I don’t think it likely, when I present to you a very particular type of experience, that you will find yourself unable to relate.   I choose the words, “I don’t think it likely,”  very carefully, as undoubtedly, there are some who have not experienced that which I am about to describe.  For the small populous […]


I miss the days, of edamame and stand-up comedies. I miss the smiles and sways, laughs, drinks, and games. I miss the days of beers darts, and cheers. I miss those times, of wonder and wines. I miss those old flickers, without seeing the real pictures. I miss water guns, and I miss real fun. […]

Whiskey, Disappointment, Death.

Everyday I look at the outcomes, Each day I’m scanning the scene. I’m longing and searching and wishing for some kind of meaning. Everyday I desire an outlook, Each day want the serene. I’m begging and pleading, and yearning for everything to not be obscene. Everyday I yearn for a vista, A place to see […]

Tomorrow, when the sun comes up

The power inherent in words and communication is immeasurable. Wielding this simple, yet diversely functional tool of communication, we have at our disposal the ability to destroy. Alternatively, we have the building blocks of creation. We have the power to express all degrees of emotion, sadness, joy, melancholy, confusion, despair, frustration, fear, and anger. We have […]