Open Heart Assimilation (XV)

Tristan stood at the shore of an expansive lake.  He searched the twilight for a shore across the water, but he found little definitive evidence, beyond a far-off treeline, to determine an end to the liquid mirror. His feet impressed upon the soft, damp, ghostly, grey and silver sand.  He pinched small chunks between his […]

Open Heart Diversion(IX)

The door creaked slightly as it opened.  Tristan felt a slight chill enter through the entryway, slightly disturbing the warmth provided to him by the crimson walls, eggshell frames, smokey panes, and the popping, crackling, yellow, white, and red blaze in the fireplace. The door closed with a dull thud, and the latch engaged, with […]

Open Heart Preparation (I)

Tristan sat in perfect stillness in the old wooden chair.  A stranger walking into the room would scarcely have noticed the micro-movements of his shoulders, rising and falling.  A friendly soul would not have perceived movement of his muscular chest and trim stomach. He was statuesque to the observing eye, but inside, he was a […]