Open Heart Fragmentation (XVIII)

As if struck by an intense arctic chill, time slowed to a desperate crawl, with each nanosecond feeling like prolonged seconds, or excruciatingly exaggerated minutes. The curious, planet like orb, slowly descended through the stale air of the bathroom.  It floated towards the counter with the speed of a slowly descending soap bubble. The black […]


Picture with me, the game of Jenga.  Most know what this is, but i could also describe it as a wooden-block tower puzzle. The alternating, three block, by three block layers, form an integrated tower.   It is a perfectly smooth rectangular prism. It appears solid, despite its make up of smaller blocks.  And unless otherwise disturbed, it […]

The Pillar

We had found our way to each other in the vast void below. Our hands outstretched, searching, brushed into each other and found warmth.  Then, in time, we found that they fit.   We began to build, slowly, and unsteadily at first, finding the right materials to form a base, and gradually ascending upwards through the mists […]