If ever there was a time to look into the raw essence of your being, now is that time.

I have reconfigured. I have readjusted. I’ve reformed, and reconstituted. I’ve changed, converted, reverted, to a prior, livelier more vivacious version, that I tried to abandon, by pursuing the enlightenment, entitlement, enrichment, and unrealistic expectations of modern man.   I’ve shaken hands with my predecessors, and reconnected to those who laid the ground upon which […]

Alone as a God

How do you imagine it would feel like, to be a god? According to most religious, or mythological ideologies, gods are typically thought of as incredibly powerful, potentially omniscient, probably possessing some,  supernaturally potent ability, and, depending on the religious, or mythological group, having the best moral compass possible, and caring, without limits, about human […]


Do you know what the great failure of humanity is, right now? People believe that we can stay connected without in person, organic, dialogue. People don’t really know who the other person are, when they can’t look them in the eye, and see the sincerity, or lie, in their expression. We’ve relegated communication to text, to […]

Open Heart Devouring (XIV)

With the fingers of his right hand still pinching the key, Tristan held the panel open, and his left hand maintained it’s grip on the large section of muscle and flesh.   Tristan was frozen for several moments, as he took in the unorthodox scene, reflected into his eyes from the mirror.  Several droplets of crimson […]

Open Heart Diversion(IX)

The door creaked slightly as it opened.  Tristan felt a slight chill enter through the entryway, slightly disturbing the warmth provided to him by the crimson walls, eggshell frames, smokey panes, and the popping, crackling, yellow, white, and red blaze in the fireplace. The door closed with a dull thud, and the latch engaged, with […]

Open Heart Insight (IV)

“Ready?” “I think so.” “It’s not really a question that you can respond to unsurely.  Either you are, or you aren’t?” “Ready.” “Go ahead then.  Let us in.” Tristan stood in front of the door, arm stretched forward, with the key in his hand.  Some wildly debilitating magic froze him in this spot.  He breathed […]

Twigs, Accumulation, and the Meaning behind Names

What is a pyre? I know its meaning, though many may not.  There is no shame in being unaware, or not exposed to this word.  It is fairly antiquated, and does not find use in casual dialogue.  Allow me to present the MW-Whatever brand you prefer definition of this word. A pyre, by definition, is a heap or pile of wood or other combustible material, especially one used for cremating a corpse. So, […]

The Garden of Glass

What is the best way to describe one’s soul? If soul isn’t the correct word, than perhaps essence, aura, or spirit are more appropriate?  Maybe the right word is consciousness?  Regardless of the choice of nomenclature, this discussion involves that intangible element that makes human beings sweepingly unique, and which also allows us to be differentiated from […]

You Write Something With Substance If You Don’t Like It

Everyday, most hours, and often into the night, we are surrounded by other people. We are neighbors whose lawns share an invisible, yet, dividing line.    We are two panes of glass and eight feet apart as we crawl through traffic.  We bump shoulders as I enter a store and you brush past with your […]