Picture with me, the game of Jenga.  Most know what this is, but i could also describe it as a wooden-block tower puzzle. The alternating, three block, by three block layers, form an integrated tower.   It is a perfectly smooth rectangular prism. It appears solid, despite its make up of smaller blocks.  And unless otherwise disturbed, it […]

The pains of being yourself.

We are often encouraged to simply, be ourselves.  This, based on the frequency of the message, is clearly a challenge for many.  We hear it from our elders when we are young.  We hear it as teenagers, as the message encourages our uniqueness. We hear it in early adulthood, mostly as encouragement to purchase a […]

The Pillar

We had found our way to each other in the vast void below. Our hands outstretched, searching, brushed into each other and found warmth.  Then, in time, we found that they fit.   We began to build, slowly, and unsteadily at first, finding the right materials to form a base, and gradually ascending upwards through the mists […]

Actions or Words? Pick one please, to start.

“I saw your face listening to the words.” Initially this observation resulted in a chuckle or two, and a subsequent share on Facebook.  And dismissively I filed this comment under the linguistic-blunder category. Yet today I have cause to revisit this comment. Though this wasn’t a comment I made, rather one that I received, my […]

On being decent (or what I envision as decency)

I often wish I were a more complex man.  In wishing for such a burden it is only my yearning to see and feel things more deeply than I already feel.  Maybe it’s the sophistication that I wish I were able to attain.  Maybe it’s a suave, intellectual-type image that I envision for myself in […]