Do you know what the great failure of humanity is, right now? People believe that we can stay connected without in person, organic, dialogue. We don’t really know who the other people are, when one can’t look another in the eye, and see the sincerity, or lie, in their expression. We’ve relegated communication to text, to […]

Shaking hands with ghosts

Modern methods of communication are supposed to bring people closer together. With the ease of access to social media, computers, smart phones, and a myriad of tech inspired ways to communicate, one might believe that we are connected, and in touch with one another, in unprecedented ways. Do you ever feel that this couldn’t be […]

The Erosion of Time

Do you remember photo albums? Do you remember the true photo albums, and not the 10101010 holding spot associated with your “library” on your computer? Do you recall the plasticine pages that stuck to each other, smelling of a weird amalgamate of chemicals, needing to be surgically peeled from one another to advance the memories? […]