Give unto others…….

Valentines Day has recently passed. As we move away from the fourteenth of February, we also move away from a tremendous amount of pressure. Pressure?  But Valentines Day is a time of celebrating love, passion, and intimacy.  What kind of pressure could be involved when true love is at the center of the celebration? Maybe, […]

Spaciousness of the Heart

We have all experienced the joys of moving, right? Be it by necessity, or by expansion, or simply by autonomous selection, most have gone through the relocation process to a new living environment. Whether the choice of living space is an apartment, flat, loft, efficiency, penthouse, townhouse, ranch house, guest house, tree house, mansion, palace, […]

Eron’s Void

Eron sat, placidly, palms down, atop the rough pine, at the long, cheap, unfinished, wooden workbench. In some considerations, in a different setting, and under alternative light, the bench may have been a table.   But here, it was not. Eron tilted his head to the left, and glanced at the few dozen, closely-packed people, positioned […]

Trust, Depend, Follow.

If you are supposed to trust your gut, and rely on the thoughts in your head, then definitely, certainly, absolutely, do not follow your heart. It will lead you wildly astray from sense, logic, reason, and rationale.  The path it forges will enter the darkest, most dense, forest of confusion. It will lead you into emotional wilderness, blazing a dusty trail […]

One side, other side, no side.

There is no middle ground with happiness. You either have it or you don’t. You either feel it, or it’s not there at all. It’s a sensation, feeling, and encompassing emotion, that is either present, or not. You can’t be kind of happy. You can’t chose ambivalence in bliss. There isn’t an option that allows […]

Seconds Between

Supposedly, dreams are projections from our subconscious.  We are told that they are not real.  Many dreams that we experience, we express thanks that they are not real.  Some, in that hazy-consciousness  slipstream, we wish would be real, and would continue on forever, depriving us of the waking world. As children, nightmares, or a misunderstanding of […]

Forest Sanctuary

Paris lived in the tree, deep in the forest, for many years.  The tree-dwelling allowed him a distance from the ground, but not quite clearance to the skies.  It was in this limbo that he found the isolated peace that afforded him balance with the world. Occasionally, forest creatures would gather about the base of […]


“If my answers frighten you, than you should stop asking scary questions.” Admittedly, this quote is sourced from Jules, a dynamic character engaged in a transitional/soul-searching endeavor during his part of the movie Pulp Fiction.  The scenario is tense, and that the culmination of the conversation resolves in such a weighty declaration is of little surprise. […]

There was someone I was supposed to be (before I got in the way)

Offering homage to the popularized Gotye song, I admittedly am just somebody that I used to know. How often to the imaginings of our prior selves clash incongruously with our current persona?  When asked in our youth what we yearned to be, none would have answered retail manager.  Business owner perhaps would be the answer, but […]