Pulling Down the Night

I sensed that you needed a gesture, a sign, an effort.  You needed a motion, a massive, magnanimous movement, that all the little ones couldn’t provide.  You needed a sweeping, soaring, sizable display, to make your heart swoon. It had to be considerate, calculable, and colossal in scope.  So I struggled, and strived, and stretched myself […]

Sieve – Catcher

There’s a dark lake, that shimmers, quivers and pools. It draws one unto, obsidian oblivion, and pulls. Its nothing enthralls, beckons, and draws you to dip your hand in. Submerge to your wrist, in total blackness. and try to grab hold. When your hand draws back from that infinite lack, nothing’s to behold. But all out of sight in the […]

snow blind

Walking down a white hallway completely mixes up your perceptions. There is an expectation of linear congruity, and of depth, and of progression.  But without lines of darkness to contrast, it must all seem bright, blinding, and inescapable. It is really a hallway?  Does the direction you are going matter if you have no reference […]