Open Heart Palpitation (XX)

His lifeless arm drifted towards the floor, the weight of the orb easily overpowering the functionless musculature and bone.  The tool had fallen from his grasp, and his fingers had lifted from their restrictive position upon  the rings of the sphere, yet the shiny circles remained motionless.  His arm pivoted backward at the elbow, and […]

Open Heart Devouring (XIV)

With the fingers of his right hand still pinching the key, Tristan held the panel open, and his left hand maintained it’s grip on the large section of muscle and flesh.   Tristan was frozen for several moments, as he took in the unorthodox scene, reflected into his eyes from the mirror.  Several droplets of crimson […]

The pains of being yourself.

We are often encouraged to simply, be ourselves.  This, based on the frequency of the message, is clearly a challenge for many.  We hear it from our elders when we are young.  We hear it as teenagers, as the message encourages our uniqueness. We hear it in early adulthood, mostly as encouragement to purchase a […]

Of traffic decisions and the pacing of life….

I love movie quotes.  The expressiveness and relatable nature of quotes allows simple connectivity to numerous people.  Regardless of background, movies are a universal entertainment medium and thus afford an easy discussion fulcrum.  So, as segue to the purpose of this article, I offer this quote. “The world had went and got itself in a big […]


In the course of my succor duties I encountered a pleasant family unit in need of assistance. This work day had not been going particularly smoothly and other responsibilities were put on hold to assist these customers.  I considerately addressed their concerns and offered comprehensive suggestions to alleviate future issues regarding their complaints. Upon satiation […]