Cattle Chute

The rubber circles rapidly rotate upon the road and the rhythmic whir of the tires, the soothing whoosh of the swiftly passing air by open windows, and the invigorating, insistent, pulsing notes from the rock anthem blasting through the high wattage stereo system, pull upward at the corners of the drivers mouth, shoot stars into […]

Second-Flight First-Crawl

I wonder what the caterpillar feels when it stops inching forward. I wonder what it is thinking, when it decides to stop chewing on leaves. I’m curious what is going on inside, when it begins to surround itself within a cocoon. It’s fascinating to ponder whether this tiny, awkward, slinking creature, realizes the impact of […]

Shuffle or Stride

Pursue with fervor that which makes you feel alive. All other interests are slow, indeliberate shuffles towards death.   Choose for yourself, wisely, and with the pursuit of the greatest of self discovery in mind when you do so. Visualize your steps. Find your path. May it lead you towards your invigoration. May it stave […]

Plumbing Depths

Give. The well is deep. Give. Though your eyes may weep. Give. The reservoir is full. Give. Though it may hurt your soul. Give. The reserves are plentiful. Give. Though you find your wallet resentful. Give. The cup runneth over. Give. Though thy world be asunder. Give. The seconds provide. Give. Though you feel out […]

The Waste (X)

The villagers waited out the impossibly long pause in Allamar’s speech. The sun bore down on patient brows, its insistence drawing beads of perspiration from calm onlookers. After long seconds of intense stillness, breath barely noted among the close-pressed villagers, Allamar reached towards his own chest. The crowd drew in a tiny collective breath, as […]