The Waste (X)

The villagers waited out the impossibly long pause in Allamar’s speech. The sun bore down on patient brows, its insistence drawing beads of perspiration from calm onlookers. After long seconds of intense stillness, breath barely noted among the close-pressed villagers, Allamar reached towards his own chest. The crowd drew in a tiny collective breath, as […]

Fear No More

We are weakness, crippling doubting disorienting continuous self-revaluation that gnaws at the core of our existence. We are the scabbard that houses the sword of ineptitude. We are the holster for the weapon that we believe defends our frailty. We are the meek voices whispering second thoughts to our confidence. We are our greatest detractors our […]

Eron’s Flight

The sun floated directly above the city, and the cobblestones of its streets basked in the warmth of its nurturing solar rays. Though the illumination seemed to  pierce the most obscure recesses of the side roads and alleys, the temperature did not approach that of oppressive. The citizens were not seen utilizing the daily crier […]

The Sounds of Time Passing

What if we could hear the passing of time?  How could we audibly experience the ticking intervals? Would seconds be virtually imperceptible?  Would the sound be similar to the ever so slight rustling of drapes by a gentle breeze?  Would seconds passing make a similar noise to that of a coupling of string instruments being […]

Simple Solutions

Human beings are gifted with incredible depth, intricacy, and complexity, and therefore, it is within our nature to seek out higher degrees of meaning, purpose, and understanding.  This can come at an unfortunate cost, as we often fail to master fundamental elements have made us successful creatures, dedication, awareness, and decency to our fellow-man.

owɈ ɘϱɒƨƨɘM

“.γqqɒʜ mɒ I” ,ƨbɿow ɘʜɈ ʞɒɘqƨ γlɈƨɘnoʜ bnɒ ,ɘɔnɒnɘɈnυoɔ nwo ɿυoγ noqυ ʞool ,ɿoɿɿim ɘʜɈ ɘɿoʇɘd bnɒɈƨ ,ɘɈɒɈƨ wɒɿ Ɉƨom bnɒ Ɉƨɿow ɿυoγ ni bnɒ ,ϱninɿom ɘʜɈ ni ɘƨiɿ Ɉ’nɒɔ υoγ ʇi ,llɒ Ɉɒ ɘυlɒv on ʇo ɘɿɒ ,ɘviɘɔɘɿ bnɒ ,ɘviϱ γɒm ɘno ɈɒʜɈ ɘvol ɘʜɈ llɒ bnɒ ,ƨƨild γɿɒɿoqmɘɈ ʇo ƨɘɔnɘiɿɘqxɘ ɘʜɈ ʇo llɒ […]