Happen to or happen for?

Things, quite simply, are going to happen. They will happen without our knowledge. They will occur beyond our scope or perception. Things, events, and circumstances, will continuously occur. Of the trillions upon trillions of these events that happen, every day, to billions of human beings, some will affect us. What we have in our power, […]

First Things, First.

Your opportune ultimate ready body opens deep youthful aching nurturing  depths murmering intimating next desires, lengthy intense kinetics emerge with energy armor piercing oneness near sensational, masterfully undulating scintillating tremblings beyond expression housing overly new emergent drives after no determination surges helps assert rationaleless passionate engorgement never ever described. Beyond longing understanding needs to emit […]


Acquiescence to fate appeals to us because it takes away the guilt and anguish that comes with the responsibility for our choices. Once we grow to a point of maturity, we move beyond helplessness and into independence, thus owning, and earning choice, then, we become responsible for our choices. They are not dismissible, transmissible, irreversible, […]