Everything is a choice

The commonly voiced excuse for not doing something is……. “I just don’t have enough time!’ Or, closely related to this excuse…. “I’m just not sure how I can find the time to get {something} done.” Permit me to highlight the lack of true perception relating to these comments. Not having enough time is a, well, not […]

Whiskey, Disappointment, Death.

Everyday I look at the outcomes, Each day I’m scanning the scene. I’m longing and searching and wishing for some kind of meaning. Everyday I desire an outlook, Each day want the serene. I’m begging and pleading, and yearning for everything to not be obscene. Everyday I yearn for a vista, A place to see […]

PSA for Sunglasses

The perfect, wrinkle-free, dark denim skinny jeans he wears, hang slightly loose around a trim waist, and cinch tightly, at the ankles. The white canvas shoes, with red and blue stitching, and red, thick, shoe strings, he wears, not completely laced, upon his feet. He wears a crisp, white, t-shirt underneath a loosely hanging, unbuttoned, heather grey […]