Filling in before filling out.

I intended to write this before the holiday.   Intending an, inspired by traditional ideas of love, passion, and romance, post, then, presenting a tempered, sardonic, counterpoint.  But, with scrutiny of this supposed holiday, I find that its existence feeds off of guilt, insecurity, compulsion, and unabashed commercial exploitation, of emotion, fragility, and a vacuous longing to […]


What is fear without a rush? What of confidence without doubt? What is ecstasy without melancholy? What of silence without song? It’s the great emotional sleight of hand, the divulging of one and sublimation of the other. It’s the perfect sentimental illusion. Proffering grandness while shrinking another. What is anger without meekness? What of love without […]

Rivers, Smiles, and Sun

At a certain point, we become aware that our lives have a certain trajectory.  Some believe that it has been preset since the day we are born.  We may choose to fight against it all we want, but that’s  wastefully pointless. It’s best to accept whatever course that you are on. Life is like a […]

Finding Beauty In Everything

Life is….. Taking the chances that you shouldn’t. Making the choices that are the most difficult Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Doing the things that scare you, and then doing them again. It’s abound getting to a point that you are ok with getting dirty, and knowing the sense in being clean. It’s […]

I’m here for you! (As long as there’s drama)

Many years ago I stumbled upon a quirky, creative, and insightful movie.  This movie featured several scenes involving fairly prominent actors.  The short scenes totaled no more than several minutes each. Each scene highlighted a different theme ranging from humorous, to scientific, to melancholy, and even ironic. Each short had different actors.  In one, Bill Murray […]

Phrases, Triggers, Snails.

I find the way our minds work to be abundantly fascinating.  Our reactions to phrases, words, and different stimuli such as smells and sounds is instantaneous, and seemingly, quite beyond our control.  We react to music, or a favorite song, by attaching a memory to it, of a time, place, or person.  We think of […]

Body Armor

I’m confident that everyone has seen a movie in which a member of a police force, swat team, or bomb squad, is wearing some sort of body armor.  If not, please refer to these links for examples of what I am discussing.×250.jpg The heavily padded, reinforced, wearable, items, can be vests, leg and […]