Sacrifice the discipline and routine, for the efficiency of routine For words of consent, momentary content, searching for what life could mean. Passing between, man and machine yearning to be serene. Ones will is spent indifferent squandered on the insignificant. Logic for vice, reason for nice. Drive for distraction, Force for supplication. Once proud, now […]


Temperance is a virtue, temptation leads to sin. Temperaure is a gauge, tempura once had fins. Tempests blow fiercely, temptresses, maybe the same? Temperate zones appeal tempeh garners disdain.   Tempo keeps us in check, Temporizing divides. Templar-like behavior can be Tempting in some times.   Temporary are we, despite temples we yearn to be. are […]

Today is a Gift

Whoever you are, Wherever you are going, Whatever your emotional state, However you are feeling physically, In whatever conditions you are living, Regardless of what is going on in your life, Whether you are at your happiest point, or saddest, Even you are a babe of one year, or an elder of ninety, Though your […]