A tingling upon the finger of an outstretched hand

When we sense the summit, we accept, and embrace all that the world throws at us. We know, its just another hill to ascend, another obstacle our weak grasp upon humanity will have thrown in our path. We shed our fears. We toss aside the hindrances of our past. We disregard the previous desires of […]


Many claims are made about loss. With great frequency, by many people, statements are made that address the loss of a particular item, memory, thought, idea, or emotion. “I’ve lost my car keys! What will I do?” “I can’t seem to recall the details of that particular trip, but I can assure you, it was […]

Immolation and Rejuvination

We fear its destruction.  We fear the rage.  We fear the inevitability of cataclysmic eruption.  We shy away, and keep our distance from the gurgling pinnacle.  As the burbling mouth spews blood-hued globules into the sky, we cower and shudder. We dare not venture close to the heat tinged aperture.  We won’t come close to […]

Bigger, Better, More

The world is consumed by its need for bigger, better, and more. We are taught to seek bigger cars, bigger trucks, bigger planes, bigger boats, and bigger motorcycles.  We want bigger bombs, and bigger explosions.  We are conditioned to desire larger houses, and huge lots of sprawling property.  We think that the expansive, and most […]

The Field

Often, life is treated like strolling through a never-ending field of rolling hills, green grasses, and beautiful blooming flowers. The wind blows over the field, swaying the grasses with its whispers and shouts. The hills crest far above heads, and the pits and valleys are deep bowls below us. The flowers bloom full, colorful, and fragrant, […]

The Overseer

There is a true deity that affects our all of our lives. The choice of an ultimate, spiritual leader is inconsequential after all.  The ongoing conflicts between acolytes of supreme spiritual devotees will never cease.  But, there is a conceptual, albeit massively impactful, one that rules everyone. It doesn’t care whether you are agnostic, atheist, […]