Peace In Pieces

The box is filled with possibility and hope. The picture and numbers on the lid, promise that the thousands of intricate little pieces, once joined, will reveal a striking image. Inside the box, the pieces, close together in a janky, jigsaw, jumble, are teeming with anticipation at their liberation, and reformation into a complete piece […]

Death is the only permanent change

Change is uncomfortable. Change forces us, or we allow to cause a sometimes minor, occasionally major, augmentation in us. We move forward after changes, with fresh new perspectives, new understandings, greater degrees of physical strength or endurance, altered grasps on particular emotional states,  or even a sense that things are different, which, in those moments, […]

From a Telescope in the Clouds

God looked down, and frowned. He looked upon sadness, anger, and violence, God beheld melancholy. He took in selfishness, hatred, and insidiousness. God stared at wrath. He peered at wickedness, jealously, and sickness. God looked down and frowned, knowing that they were all made in his image.   God looked down and smiled. He looked […]

Fifteen Breaths

Mirror plaque Golden tracks Steak no good send it back   Neon signs Hair so fine Dance to excess wine and dine   Shining shell Taco bell Believe in heaven live in hell.   Attention whore Convenience store Gluttony on a laminate floor   Wit mistook Have the look Worry not shun the book   […]

Cattle Chute

The rubber circles rapidly rotate upon the road and the rhythmic whir of the tires, the soothing whoosh of the swiftly passing air by open windows, and the invigorating, insistent, pulsing notes from the rock anthem blasting through the high wattage stereo system, pull upward at the corners of the drivers mouth, shoot stars into […]