‘‘Twas a trillion to one Your parents would meet. and a billion to one, chance they’d conceive. A million to one in this timeline hundred thousand to one you’d actually survive. There was a thousand to one chance you’d excel and a hundred to one chance youd just do well. a ten to one chance […]

Spaciousness of the Heart

We have all experienced the joys of moving, right? Be it by necessity, or by expansion, or simply by autonomous selection, most have gone through the relocation process to a new living environment. Whether the choice of living space is an apartment, flat, loft, efficiency, penthouse, townhouse, ranch house, guest house, tree house, mansion, palace, […]

Rivers, Smiles, and Sun

At a certain point, we become aware that our lives have a certain trajectory.  Some believe that it has been preset since the day we are born.  We may choose to fight against it all we want, but that’s  wastefully pointless. It’s best to accept whatever course that you are on. Life is like a […]


Didn’t we once expect more of our fellow-man? Didn’t we once compulsively, and instinctively refer to a gentleman or lady as sir or ma’am or madam? Didn’t we once regard our elders in a respectful way? Wasn’t the norm, but a few years ago, to ask politely for, anything? Wasn’t it not long ago that we weren’t […]