Rivers, Smiles, and Sun

At a certain point, we become aware that our lives have a certain trajectory.  Some believe that it has been preset since the day we are born.  We may choose to fight against it all we want, but that’s  wastefully pointless. It’s best to accept whatever course that you are on. Life is like a […]

Severing Fruitless Branches

In every person, I’ve always found something. Something from which to learn, to help make me better. Better than I was before. More loving and understanding. Understanding of others, and myself. And more thoughtful. Thoughtful about how I acted, and of received treatment. Treatment of my heart, body, emotions, and my soul. A soul that […]

Shaking hands with ghosts

Modern methods of communication are supposed to bring people closer together. With the ease of access to social media, computers, smart phones, and a myriad of tech inspired ways to communicate, one might believe that we are connected, and in touch with one another, in unprecedented ways. Do you ever feel that this couldn’t be […]


Do you remember that intense excitement?  Do you recall the degree of anticipation?  Can you feel the intense desire for that highly sought after experience? Perhaps, when you were a young child, there was a planned trip to an amusement park.  You had the knowledge weeks in advance of the date of the trip.  As the […]

Bigger, Better, More

The world is consumed by its need for bigger, better, and more. We are taught to seek bigger cars, bigger trucks, bigger planes, bigger boats, and bigger motorcycles.  We want bigger bombs, and bigger explosions.  We are conditioned to desire larger houses, and huge lots of sprawling property.  We think that the expansive, and most […]