Rivers, Smiles, and Sun

At a certain point, we become aware that our lives have a certain trajectory.  Some believe that it has been preset since the day we are born.  We may choose to fight against it all we want, but that’s  wastefully pointless. It’s best to accept whatever course that you are on. Life is like a […]

Everything is a choice

The commonly voiced excuse for not doing something is……. “I just don’t have enough time!’ Or, closely related to this excuse…. “I’m just not sure how I can find the time to get {something} done.” Permit me to highlight the lack of true perception relating to these comments. Not having enough time is a, well, not […]

I’m here for you! (As long as there’s drama)

Many years ago I stumbled upon a quirky, creative, and insightful movie.  This movie featured several scenes involving fairly prominent actors.  The short scenes totaled no more than several minutes each. Each scene highlighted a different theme ranging from humorous, to scientific, to melancholy, and even ironic. Each short had different actors.  In one, Bill Murray […]

Shaking hands with ghosts

Modern methods of communication are supposed to bring people closer together. With the ease of access to social media, computers, smart phones, and a myriad of tech inspired ways to communicate, one might believe that we are connected, and in touch with one another, in unprecedented ways. Do you ever feel that this couldn’t be […]

One side, other side, no side.

There is no middle ground with happiness. You either have it or you don’t. You either feel it, or it’s not there at all. It’s a sensation, feeling, and encompassing emotion, that is either present, or not. You can’t be kind of happy. You can’t chose ambivalence in bliss. There isn’t an option that allows […]


Picture with me, the game of Jenga.  Most know what this is, but i could also describe it as a wooden-block tower puzzle. The alternating, three block, by three block layers, form an integrated tower.   It is a perfectly smooth rectangular prism. It appears solid, despite its make up of smaller blocks.  And unless otherwise disturbed, it […]

All that and a bag of chips!

In the iconic film Forrest Gump, Forrest quotes his mother, indicating that she said “life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.”  The intention of the quote seemed to be, that life is full of surprises, and assumedly, since life was compared to chocolate, must also be delicious and sweet. […]