The Erosion of Time

Do you remember photo albums? Do you remember the true photo albums, and not the 10101010 holding spot associated with your “library” on your computer? Do you recall the plasticine pages that stuck to each other, smelling of a weird amalgamate of chemicals, needing to be surgically peeled from one another to advance the memories? […]


The tourniquet is an implement that is used to save lives. It is applied to the body near a catastrophic fissure that is causing the person to lose incredible amounts of blood.   Without the tourniquet, the person would experience exsanguination, and eventual death, resulting from excessive blood loss, as a consequence of their wound or […]

Trust, Depend, Follow.

If you are supposed to trust your gut, and rely on the thoughts in your head, then definitely, certainly, absolutely, do not follow your heart. It will lead you wildly astray from sense, logic, reason, and rationale.  The path it forges will enter the darkest, most dense, forest of confusion. It will lead you into emotional wilderness, blazing a dusty trail […]

Sieve – Catcher

There’s a dark lake, that shimmers, quivers and pools. It draws one unto, obsidian oblivion, and pulls. Its nothing enthralls, beckons, and draws you to dip your hand in. Submerge to your wrist, in total blackness. and try to grab hold. When your hand draws back from that infinite lack, nothing’s to behold. But all out of sight in the […]

The Dot Matrix Human

For those not familiar with dot matrix printers, I would urge you to watch a video of one in action.  Here’s a simple example that I found on youtube that gives shows the printer in action. As for those that do recall this, now archaic piece of technology, I hope that you are thinking fondly of […]

FB Official

It’s interesting to look at our current, modern world, and test the things that people value, and the validation that is given between one person and another, especially relating to social media.  I’m referring specifically to the idea of making something “Facebook official.” Which seems to mostly address relationships, and will therefore be the focal point […]

Promise me, tomorrow will be….

Promises. Guarantees. Assurances. How many times have we committed to doing things, but not right now,  soon, of course, but at another time? How many times have we put our ironclad word on a direction for our lives, only to find that rubberclad or elasticclad are more accurate descriptors of our word? How many commitments have we […]