Progresstus Erectus

As human beings we have an innate yearning to experience, or at a minimum, sense, progress.  Whether that be in the effect one has upon ones immediate social network, or, in those more broadly successful, upon a more expansive group of earth populators. Those that have a smaller scope of expectations, want from their lives, […]

Fifteen Breaths

Mirror plaque Golden tracks Steak no good send it back   Neon signs Hair so fine Dance to excess wine and dine   Shining shell Taco bell Believe in heaven live in hell.   Attention whore Convenience store Gluttony on a laminate floor   Wit mistook Have the look Worry not shun the book   […]

Second-Flight First-Crawl

I wonder what the caterpillar feels when it stops inching forward. I wonder what it is thinking, when it decides to stop chewing on leaves. I’m curious what is going on inside, when it begins to surround itself within a cocoon. It’s fascinating to ponder whether this tiny, awkward, slinking creature, realizes the impact of […]

Plumbing Depths

Give. The well is deep. Give. Though your eyes may weep. Give. The reservoir is full. Give. Though it may hurt your soul. Give. The reserves are plentiful. Give. Though you find your wallet resentful. Give. The cup runneth over. Give. Though thy world be asunder. Give. The seconds provide. Give. Though you feel out […]

Fear No More

We are weakness, crippling doubting disorienting continuous self-revaluation that gnaws at the core of our existence. We are the scabbard that houses the sword of ineptitude. We are the holster for the weapon that we believe defends our frailty. We are the meek voices whispering second thoughts to our confidence. We are our greatest detractors our […]