First time for this kind of review…….

Those that know me, in the “real” world, know that I love making mead.  I enjoy experimenting with all kinds of flavor combinations and will even attempt batches that can only truly be described as esoteric. I bottle every batch that I make, and doing so requires a frequent replenishment of supplies.  These supplies range […]

The Fundamentals of Magic, and Marketing.

Shazaam! Abracadabra! Boom! Or whatever catchphrase modern illusionists and magicians use to bolster the impact of their dramatic reveal, or as is the case in many tricks, removal. These utterances refer to magic, not the fantasy kind, with long-bearded, staff-wielding, octogenarians projecting fire from their hands, and mentally coercing bears to fight for them; but […]

You Write Something With Substance If You Don’t Like It

Everyday, most hours, and often into the night, we are surrounded by other people. We are neighbors whose lawns share an invisible, yet, dividing line.    We are two panes of glass and eight feet apart as we crawl through traffic.  We bump shoulders as I enter a store and you brush past with your […]

Craft Beer Day(Care) Tripper

At the behest of a most lovely female, an excursion was planned around cupcakes.  The impetus being an apparently highly sought after cupcake brand called, Scratch cupcakes, located in Ephrata.  The thought of cupcakes, admittedly, doesn’t blow my hair back.  Ergo, I sought to bundle this activity with an item of which I have great […]

Waitress – Solicitous Saint or Salacious Seductress?

A sincere and singularly salubrious thought sears my synapses.  What it the real role of the waitress? Reasonably, this is also applicable to the waiter. Though society is less likely to consider the sexualization of said stint. If there were not a degree of seduction involved in the serving process, would it not be more economical […]