Dreams, Nightmares, Double IPAs

Once in a great while,  I have a vivid, incredibly affective, and terrifying dream. It’s one that I’ve had on many earlier occasions, but time between its reemergence seems to become greater as the years pass.   Though it has been a while,  I’m confident that I will still have this dream at some point in […]

New England IPA vs. New England “Style” IPA

Those familiar with craft beer scene, know that the New England ipas have been, probably, one of the most popular and sought after styles of craft beer in the last several years.  Those who have been ipa fans for a long time, have been gravitating away from the piney, bitter, clean, dank, ipa style brewed […]

10! I give it a 10!

I have enjoyed Springhouse Brewing Company’s beers for a long time.  My pseudo-love affair with their offerings began not long after they opened their taproom on King Street in Lancaster, PA.   The atmosphere was a little quirky, a little edgy, and a little fun.  The unique, imperial pint serving size, and option for half-pint, has […]

Third time is a charm

Everyone knows this saying, correct? Try something once, maybe the first experience isn’t a particularly enjoyable one. Just in case something in your mood is off, or the company you are with, or your stress level doesn’t allow you to properly enjoy an experience, you give it a second chance, right? How many chances does […]

First time for this kind of review…….

Those that know me, in the “real” world, know that I love making mead.  I enjoy experimenting with all kinds of flavor combinations and will even attempt batches that can only truly be described as esoteric. I bottle every batch that I make, and doing so requires a frequent replenishment of supplies.  These supplies range […]


Do you remember that intense excitement?  Do you recall the degree of anticipation?  Can you feel the intense desire for that highly sought after experience? Perhaps, when you were a young child, there was a planned trip to an amusement park.  You had the knowledge weeks in advance of the date of the trip.  As the […]

Ella vs. Ralphius

Free Will continues to come across my radar with interesting, unique, and boundary-challenging beers.  Though it has been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to review anything from Free Will, the presence of two, available, barrel-aged beers, provides ample prodding to pit them against each other, and write a review.  The fact that these […]