If I only had Time

A long time ago, a good friend of mine and I listened to a great deal of music together.  We discovered countless bands, and went to several concerts.  We were devourers of music, with insatiable appetites.  Yet with all of the new bands we found, and the sonic discoveries that we unearthed, we would regularly […]

The stars look very different

I’m not the biggest David Bowie fan. There, I said it, and cannot take it back.  But in all honesty, I haven’t met a tremendous amount of people who claim to be, actual, Bowie “fans.” I won’t argue that he’s a talented musician.  I can’t say that he doesn’t have an impressive catalog of music. […]

Semantics, Space, and Simians

Let us conduct an exercise by combining two random words. Air worm. Dirt whisker. Cactus muffin. Butt fossil. Carpet weasel. Road door. Productive philosopher. Corn Relax. Stumble Melon. Awkward digit. Tomato politician. Aside from one admittedly reaching, and not so subtle dig on deep thinking, none of these combinations make a lot of sense.  All of […]

Sitzt auf der Anklagebank der Berliner Weisse

Feel free to google translate at your leisure this witty, creative, and only relevant to this forthcoming discourse, title. For those acquainted with my work, a fusion of several different ideas into one cohesive process is familiar.  For those unfamiliar, I sincerely hope that the binding dialogue involving three, seemingly unrelating items, will not come across […]

Sunday Stout and Song

I’ve always been a lover of music.  In addition to this passion, I’ve derived equal pleasure from a delicious beer.  Coupling these two enjoyments yields an even greater degree of satisfaction.  So it is my great honor to share my passions through a Sunday Morning themed beer review and song cover. Sunday Morning Stout – […]

Mmmm…Smells Fresh

There are many existing entries in the dictionary defining the word fresh.  Most point to the idea of something that is new, or at least newly created or discovered. In slang it can indicate something cool, or if I may, hip or jive.  Realistically, I can’t possibly provide the most modern slang iteration of the […]

May nothing but happiness come through your door

Today’s title draws inspiration from the title of track 7 from the album Come on Die Young by Mogwai. The guitar riffs a penetrating, looping sequence, while the drummer and bassist maintain the constitution, and gradual build of the song.  It slowly progresses to a gritty tensing climax of clashing symbols and teeth clenching guitar […]

Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to the Heavens

It was some time near the year 2001 when I ventured into Media Play to seek out my weekly CD purchase.  I had very little disposable income and what I had was used for the 15 dollars of bliss that I would listen too obsessively. I had watched one of my favorite movies of all […]